We’ve added a handful of cool new features for your Private Messages!  Check ‘em out.  For more information, please see this thread on MM:

Sort By

We’ve added three new ‘sort by’ features.  Simply click the “Subject”, “Sender” or “Date” lines and your PMs will be sorted by those fields.  On first click it is sorted in alphabetical order for Subject and Sender and in chronological order for Date (newest messages first).  If you click again, it will reverse that order.



Number of Messages Displayed

On the same line as “Inbox”, over to the right, you’ll see a drop down with the options of 10, 20, 50 and 100.  By selecting one of these, it will change how many messages appear on a page within your inbox.  If you would like to see more than the default 10 images per page, select one of the larger numbers and scroll to your heart’s content.



Message History

If you want to isolate just those PMs sent by a single individual you currently have two options.  First, if you see that individual’s name in your inbox list you can simply click the [+] symbol next to their name.  This will filter your inbox to display only messages from that individual.  If you want to return to your default (unfiltered) Inbox, simply click the [+] sign again.


The second method is to go to that member’s profile page.  Up top you’ll see a new icon labeled ‘Message History’.  By clicking this icon you’ll be taken to your Inbox, once again filtered to only show that member’s messages to you.  By clicking the [+] sign next to their name you can once again get to your default (unfiltered) Inbox.


Advanced Search

This is a feature in progress so stay tuned for improved search options.  Right now, by clicking on the ‘Advanced Search’ link (right next to the word “Inbox”) you will be taken to a search page where you are able to search text within the Subject Lines of your messages.  You can select the order of the results to be by Subject line or date, in Descending or Ascending order and you can filter by certain dates and/or certain folders.  In future releases we’ll enable searching by Sender and by content within the body of messages.



Mobile Device Classic View

Most common mobile devices are detected and Classic View is automatically set On.


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