Nintendo's Wii U gets gutted in the name of specs

Nintendos Wii U gets gutted in the name of specs

Curious about what silicon is powering Nintendo’s Wii U? So was Anand Lal Shimpi, who tore his brand new console to pieces in the name of science. At its heart is a multi-chip module with a PowerPC-based CPU, built on IBM’s 45-nanometer process, paired with a GPU similar to AMD’s RV7xx design. These two components share 2GB of DDR3 RAM (plus an unspecified amount of eDRAM), while Anand calculates memory bandwidth to be 12.8GB/s. That’s around the same as as the Nexus 10 and newipad, but should throw more frames at your eyeballs because those other devices are operating at much higher resolutions. In terms of power consumption, the Wii U’s innards draw a pretty constant wattage regardless of load, drawing 32.8W when rendering the disc menu and 33.0W when playing Super Mario U — for comparison, that’s around a third of the appetite of the greedy little playstation3 slim.

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