Parity: An App Designed to Measure Gender Bias in Workplaces

The Meera Kaul Foundation has announced the launch of of a Gender Bias Ranking App and web portal. The Foundation claims that ‘Parity’ measures gender bias in workspaces across the globe, evaluates companies based on their history to exclude women in leadership positions, records real data about sexual harassment in the workplace and also measures the responsiveness of the company towards incidents of gender bias and harassment reported over time.

The Foundation also claims that Parity works as a tool to help build awareness while making the workplace a safer and friendlier environment for women. Parity offers women insight to the history of companies while helping them gain an understanding of a woman’s experience working there.

It taps on the major issues faced by women in the corporate world; from gender bias to unacknowledged discriminatory barriers preventing women from rising to positions of power or responsibility. Incidents of sexual harassment or verbal abuse can be reported through this app and web portal.

The app doesn’t publish data about a company based on the comments of one person, maintaining fairness to both the individual and the company so that the gender bias rank makes sense.

Parity’s unique feature rates companies based on the responsive actions management takes when complaints have been filed and brought to their attention. The companies are also ranked on how these swift actions bring change into the workspace to promote a gender friendly work environment.

This enables other women to decide whether a company is gender friendly and has the right environment for them to contribute and grow in their career. “I encourage women to download the app or web portal and use it to benefit themselves and other women. When the power shifts in the hands of women, employers and colleagues will have to conform. We are more than just a statistic,” said Meera Kaul, Chairperson of The Meera Kaul Foundation.

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