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Many products now days may not include a cleaning kit. Even if they are included with the product, they wont last long. So, the question is what are the alternative tools to clean up my computer?

Many companies have created products to help improve the process of cleaning your computer and peripherals. These cleaning tools are available in market. You will have to seek for the suitable tools for the correct components. Beside all these tools, users can also use some household items to clean the computers components. In fact, they are cheap and effective.

6 extremely useful and cheap tools to cleanup your computer

Cloth – A dampened cloth is recommended to clean your computer. Caution: We only suggest using it to clean components such as the casing, drives, keyboard and mouse. Do not use it to clean cuicuitry components such as motherboard and ram.

Paper Towel – Paper towel is the best tool dry the place which previously cleaned by dampened cloth.

Cleaning Fluid – We recommend you to apply only pure water or valid rubbing alcohol with cloth. Some other solvents may be bad for the plastic or metal. After rubbing  any parts of your computer, make sure you dry them with paper towel.

Compressed Air – One of the best tool to blow off the dust of your computer fans, especially the power supply fan and the processor fan.

Portable Vacuum – Another alternative tool to suck the dust, dirt, hair, cigarette particles, and other particles out of a computer can be one of the best methods of cleaning a computer. Over time, these items can restrict the airflow in a computer and cause circuitry to corrode. Do not use a standard vacuum as it can generate a lot of static electricity that can damage your computer.

Swabs – Either cotton or foam swabs are recommended to clean the hard to reach area of your computer.

Screen Cleaning Kit – Always use screen cleaning kit that specially designed for cleaning the screen to clean your monitor.

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