Planning Your Treatment

After a breast cancer diagnosis, you and your doctors will put together a treatment plan specific to your situation, based on your pathology report. Your treatment plan will be made up of one or more specific treatments that are intended to target the cancer cells in different ways and reduce the risk of future breast cancer recurrence. You and your doctor will base your treatment decisions on YOUR unique situation, including consideration of your overall medical condition and your personal style of making decisions. You may have to re-evaluate your decisions periodically. Your medical team will be your guide.

  • Why So Many Types of Breast Cancer Treatment?
  • Sequence of Treatment
  • Options by Cancer Stage
  • Reducing the Risk of Recurrence
  • Fitting Treatment into Your Schedule

For help understanding your diagnosis, you can also use My Breast Cancer Coach. My Breast Cancer Coach is a questionnaire designed to help you better understand your type of breast cancer so you can focus on the information that’s most relevant to you.

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