Stays in the dark: DJ litigant paranoid, says psychologist

Kristy_Fraser-KirkKristy Fraser-Kirk, who is suing David Jones and its former chief executive, Mark McInnes, for $37 million over alleged sexual harassment, has been so traumatised by the case that she spends most of her time inside her apartment with the blinds drawn so she cannot be photographed, a psychologist says.

In an affidavit released by the Federal Court today, clinical psychologist Louise Morrow, who has been treating the 27-year-old publicist, said Ms Fraser-Kirk has been left feeling paranoid and cannot stay in her apartment alone. She has to have friends stay with her if her partner is away.
The media attention has also had physical effects, with Ms Fraser-Kirk experiencing vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, weight loss and sleeping difficulties.
Ms Morrow said Ms Fraser-Kirk knew that she would have to go public when her claim reached court but the fact that her name and details of her case were revealed in the media compromised her reputation and undermined her integrity.Kristy_Fraser-Kirk
“Ms Fraser-Kirk stated that the unauthorised publication of her name and image violated her right to privacy and exposed her to public ridicule in the media, trivialising the seriousness of her matter,” Ms Morrow wrote.
She said Ms Fraser-Kirk only decided to make her public statement to the media to make it clear that she would not be intimated by a major corporation.

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