Summary of Current Issues in Fiji and SOPAC’s Programmatic Response

Ocean and Islands Programme Issues

  • Management of ocean, coastal and land-based resources.
  • Sustainability of ocean, coastal and island ecosystems.


  • Uncontrolled and poorly planned development practices in the past
  • Unsustainable management of marine resources
  • Unsustainable development of coastal zones
  • Need to minimise degradation of natural resources and protect biodiversity
  • Increased risk of flooding to coastal settlements
  • Land degradation
  • Need for increased assessment and development of onshore and offshore mineral and energy resources
  • Inadequate human resources
  • Limited availability of baseline data
  • Lack of R & D in mineral resource development
  • Bureaucracy and capital intensity deter exploratory work in mineral resources
  • Lack of environmental policies and legislation
  • Uncoordinated approach to environmental management
  • Lack of public awareness of environmental legislation and issues 


  • Development of practical and internationally acceptable Offshore Mineral Policy for Fiji.
  • The operation and maintenance of the Research Vessel Yautalei involving a Memorandum of Understanding between the Mineral Resources Department and SOPAC.
  • A coastal erosion assessment for Taqaqe Village on the Coral Coast in Nadroga, Fiji, to determine primary coastal processes, sediment sources and sinks.
  • Identifying and collecting data to support the proposed extension of the continental shelf jurisdiction beyond the 200 nautical mile EEZ for Fiji.
  • Multibeam mapping to select optimum site for submarine pipeline, in Kinoya, Suva.
  • Sedimentation and multibeam survey of Suva Harbour.
  • Hydrodynamic study for a proposed reclamation area in Lami, Fiji.
  • Environmental monitoring and mapping of the Kiuva lagoon and reef system, east of Viti Levu, Fiji.

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