Three fashion tips we can learn from Doctor Who

Whether you watch Doctor Who or not (and you should be) you proably know enough to wonder, “Why is he like a hundred different people?”

Whatever the case, there is plenty we can learn from how he approaches fashion, and yes he is the same character and yes he does change from time to time.

First, a little about Doctor Who, he is an alien being that travels through time and space in a vehicle called the Tardis helping people out. He has a particular interest in Earth and tends to hang out here and we get most of said help against various evil forces.

The one thing about Doctor Who, besides being clever, is that he doesn’t actually ever die; he regenerates and basically becomes a new person. Each new incarnation, in addition to a new body, has his own quirks and particularities. So far there have been 11 incarnations of the Doctor

So in light of this, here are three fashion tips we can learn from Doctor Who.

When you change, let what you wear follow suit or visa-versa. With each incarnation of the Doctor, he changes his style to better reflect who he is now. The 4th Doctor wore a 20 foot long scarf while the 9th Doctor sported a buzz cut and a leather jacket.

A change of style is the easiest way to show that you have changed. Inversely, you may be finding that your current style does not fit who you are and you should update your style based on this. When the Doctor does regenerate the clothes from the old Doctor usually looks wildly out of place. Allow your style to mirror who you are right now, not who you were.

Find a signature style. Each Doctor not only changes outfits, they each had one or two things that were unique to them. You should strive for the same thing. Find something unique that people can identify you with. For example the fifth Doctor had a celery stick pinned to his lapel. Weird I know, but it’s memorable. The second Doctor was fond of hats, in particular, stove pipe hats.

So the challenge is to find something that can help define you. This could be hats, or expensive pens or cool watches or crazy socks or vegetables adorned to your clothing. Whatever it is, find it and stick with it. Think of it as a theme.

Take peoples opinion with a grain of salt (except if it’s a fez). Depending on what your style is and what you choose to make you unique, there might be push back. It’s okay, take a second, and only a second to evaluate the advice. Remember everybody has an opinion, and most advice falls in this category.

The Eleventh and current Doctor has a fondness for bow ties. His companions constantly give him a hard time about it, but it works for him. They do draw the line at wearing a fez, and rightfully so. Fez’s are not cool.

If you are comfortable, it fits your lifestyle and totally within the range of what is socially and professionally acceptable then go with it no matter what those around you might say. Be you, not them.

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