Treasury finds $7bn hole in Tony Abbott’s costings

abbot-dis-costOpposition Leader Tony Abbott says the controversy over the Coalition’s costings has not compromised his ability to negotiate in “good faith” with the three key independents on forming a minority government.

Despite Treasury finding what independent MP Tony Windsor described as a “black hole” of at least $7 billion, Mr Abbott said the Coalition would deliver “substantially larger surpluses” than Labor.
Mr Abbott said Labor and the Coalition still presented two vastly competing stories on economic management – accusing Labor of waste and mismanagement.
Certainly, there is nothing in any of this toing and froing that compromises our ability to continue in good faith discussions,” with the independents, Mr Abbott said.
Opposition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey said there were “differences of opinion” with Treasury on some matters, but they had “ticked off” on the vast majority of more than 300 of their policies totalling more than $90 billion.
Mr Abbott called for bipartisan support to set up a parliamentary budget office to ensure that

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