Turkey warns Israel against attacks

Turkish-Prime-Minister-Recep-Tayyip-ErdoganTurkish prime minister says he will not “stay silent” if Israel attacks Gaza or Lebanon.Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, has said his country will not stay silent if Israel attacks Lebanon or Gaza.Erdogan made the comments at a conference in the Lebanese capital on Thursday, at a time when ties between Turkey and Israel are at an all-time low.”Does [Israel] think it can enter Lebanon with the most modern aircraft and tanks to kill women and children, and destroy schools and hospitals, and then expect us to remain silent?” he said as he met Saad al-Hariri, his Lebanese counterpart.”Does it think it can use the most modern weapons phosphorus munitions and cluster bombs to kill children in Gaza and then expect us to remain silent?”We will not be silent and we will support justice by all means available.”Israel used cluster bombs in its month-long conflict against Hezbollah

in southern Lebanon in 2006.Strained ties

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