Two drone strikes in N. Waziristan; 11 killed

Miramshah-drone-attackMIRAMSHAH: US drones carried out two attacks in North Waziristan on Wednesday, killing 11 suspected militants, sources said. Six militants were killed and two others injured when two missiles fired by an unmanned aircraft slammed into a house in the Miramshah Bazaar, they said. 

Six mutilated bodies and two injured persons were pulled out from the rubbles of the house which had caught fire after the strike.
The injured were taken to the agency headquarters hospital in Miramshah.
The sources said that those killed were local militants. (According to AFP, three of the militants killed in the attack belonged to the Haqqani network. A security official said the missiles hit a compound where foreign militants are believed to have hatched a plan to launch Mumbai-style attacks in European cities.)
Late on Wednesday night, a US drone targeted a house in Hurmaz village, killing five suspected militants. Two missiles hit the house owned by Qasim Khan, a local tribesman.

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