US Scolds Europe For Muslim Discrimination

us_scoldThe discrimination Muslims face all across Europe is alarmingly on the rise, the US said in a damning report on human rights, warning of a deteriorating rights situation worldwide, mainly due to raging conflicts.”We see discrimination against Muslims, including hate crimes, in Europe,” Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, said Thursday, March 11, announcing the release of the annual report on human rights.

The report, titled “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices”, drew a grim picture of bias against Muslims in many countries across Europe in 2009.
It specifically highlighted the most recent case in Switzerland, where a constitutional amendment was passed to ban the construction of mosque minarets.
In Austria, the report said, there were excessive use of force by police and societal discrimination against Muslims, in addition to anti-Muslim tone in election campaigns.

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