Voters owe Labor nothing, says Abbott

aus-electionsTony Abbott has urged voters not to feel “squeamish” about ousting Labor from power, telling them they owe the Government nothing. The Opposition Leader has addressed the National Press Club in Canberra for the final time before polling day to lay out his vision for Australia under a Coalition government. Mr Abbott sought to emphasise what he sees as Labor failures, saying the election was not just a contest between a centre-right and centre-left party. 

“It pits a party that built a record surplus against a party that’s responsible for record deficits,” he said. “It pits a party that respects its leader against one that assassinated the elected prime minister at the first dip in the opinion polls.” Mr Abbott appealed to voters to resist the “bad habit” of giving a first term government a second chance. “You don’t owe this Government anything, so don’t be taken in by the plea that you’ve got to give it a second chance,” he said. “I say to the Australian people, why should voters feel squeamish about changing the government when the Government itself felt no compunction whatsoever about removing the prime minister.”

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