Why Is My Vista Computer Automatically Opening New Tabs That I Didn't Start?

Windows Vista is not the newest of Microsoft’s operating systems, but it should work without any significant problems other than those common to all computers. The experience of tabs opening by themselves often indicates a presence of malware.


  1. If your computer is operating by itself, it could be that it has been hacked. You should disconnect from the Internet and seek help to protect your computer.

    Software problems

  2. Tabs allow you to open multiple pages in a single browser session. A corrupt web browser may result in the unintentional opening of tabs.


  3. Spyware and adware are easily installed on most computers without the user’s knowledge. The purpose is to steal information or to get advertisements spammed to you. Sometimes a virus may cause the same type of problem. Spyware is often the cause of tabs opening on their own. Installing anti-spyware and running a scan may solve this problem.

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