Winter Holiday Banner Contest!

Okay, are you ready for another banner contest? I knew you were.

Deadline: 6:00 PM, MM Time, Dec. 22, 2009


1- Make the banner 800 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall. Other sized banners will be disqualified for not following directions. It should be a static image–no animated gifs or flash. JPG, GIF, or PNG are cool.

2- Post the image in the thread at the bottom of this post.

3- The theme is Winter/Christmas/New Year/Hanukkah/Cold/Hot Chocolate/Solstice/Kwanza/etc.

4- All rules defining 18+/M images apply and will be enforced.

5- When possible, credit every MM member who helped make the banner and the image(s) in it. We’d like to be able to post links to their profiles to show off their awsomenesses.

6- Feel free to show your support for images in the submission thread, but the winners won’t be decided by a strict popular vote. The mods will decide which banners will be used.

7- Don’t use other people’s work without permission. By submitting, you state that you permit MM to publish the banner in MM’s header between December 23, 2009 and January 10, 2010, and that you have the necessary permission to grant that license.

8- Please DO NOT post the same banner multiple times. That makes my life more difficult. Thanks.

9- Have fun! And after you enter, do a little dance.


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