Women in sports

Nowadays, women have been a big say in the field of sports. There are more and more women participating in sports which are a good thing for our country as this is not really seen in India.

Sports women like Sania Mirza , P.T Usha And Anju Sharma have been inspirations for children . Many children of India have been inspired by Sania Mirza and have started playing tennis out of which sixty percent of girls. P.T usha and Anju Sharma have also been inspirations.

Many women are taking interest in cricket after Anju Sharma. This is something that our country lacks. That is why we need to bring up more and more women in this field. We need to make the women of our country realize that even hey can excel in sports and that there is nothing that can stop them in doing so. Sania Mirza has been a major inspiration in the great city of the nawabs-Hyderabad.

She originates from this city and has been a huge inspiration to all the young girls of the city. As said before, there are now many women participating in tennis and other sports like cricket, basketball, volleyball etc. so I think that women should participate in such sports and bring India on the top[ and if they do so , then we would be no less than any other nation!

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