Why is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge curved?

Why is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge curved?

Samsung has revealed the inspiration behind latest flagship smartphone the Galaxy S6 Edge’s curved sides



When Samsung first unveiled the Galaxy Note Edge at IFA last year, reaction was mixed. Featuring a curved display on the right-hand side of the handset, the Note Edge was praised for being innovative, but few really saw the point in the feature, rather than innovation for innovation’s sake.

Earlier this month, the South Korean giant announced new flagship smartphone the Galaxy S6 Edge at Mobile World Congress (MWC) – now curved on both sides. It looks beautiful and it feels great to hold, but beyond that, it appeared to serve little purpose.

Now Samsung have revealed the inspiration behind the gently curved sides as a very modern affliction – fear of missing out, or FoMo for the uninitiated.

FoMo is defined as a psychological disorder caused by the onward march of technology and the desire to keep constantly connected; manifesting in obsessive checking of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to keep tabs on what everyone else is up to and living in fear of missing a call.

The curved sides of the S6 Edge were born from the notion that answering calls, texting or even glancing at your phone’s screen in social situations is impolite, according to research conducted by Samsung.

While consumers said they knew it was rude to continually check their phones, they felt conflicted between being socially polite and wanting to keep in touch with their loved ones should an urgent situation arise.

During its presentation at MWC in Barcelona, Samsung detailed new feature People Edge, allowing a user to register five contacts with individual colours. When the S6 Edge is placed face down, the curved sides light up with the appropriate colour of the contact who is calling, which Samsung claims allows the owner to check who’s trying to get hold of them discreetly without interrupting their conversation.

Owners can touch the heart rate sensor on the phone’s rear to reject any incoming calls and trigger the sending of a default reply text, without having to flip the handset over.

People Edge in action – never miss a call again, while maintaining a veneer of politeness

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