The Virtual Model Became The Face Of The New Collection Of Nike

Computer technology captures the world. And if earlier this phrase sounded as something extremely surreal, then already today virtual models displace people from commercial and fashion-shootings.
Lil Mikela – 19-year-old model and musician of Brazilian and Spanish descent – lives in Los Angeles, and today she is one of the most talked about people. Her skilfully assembled street-style bows really deserve attention, but the Lil chip, which distinguishes it from any other model, is “virtual”. In fact, the girl is a 3D model created with the help of a computer program.
“Invitations” for all top shows in the framework of the main Fashion Week, shooting for Vogue and V Magazine, the Campaigns with Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton – all this is just a small part of the virtual girl’s activities.
So, recently Lil became one of the main heroines of the Lukebook Nike x MMW. The design of the items included in the collection, on which the founder of the brand 1017 ALYX 9SM, Matthew Williams, recalls the clothes of the heroes of computer games, and in the process of creating the collection, computer modeling and generative graphics were involved.

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