Tablet Devices May Be The Next Buzz

Dell Tablet ConceptMost people call them as “tablets” or “slates”. What it looks like essentially is a laptop display without the keyboard. The touch screen display itself contains everything needed to navigate through the device. This is what the biggest gadget manufacturers seem to be going crazy about recently.

There have been a lot of talk about companies like Dell and Apple coming up with their tablet PC’s. Dell has its own concept for a tablet PC (pictured above) while many people are eagerly anticipating what Apple may be up to in its still unannounced tablet. HP may already have its own version that has already been demoed at Microsoft’s keynote presentation at CES 2010 although just briefly.

Almost all the bigger players have their own version or concept of what a tablet or slate should be. The buzz is still ongoing and it might just become the next craze, just like the iPod or the iPhone. Maybe everyone is just waiting for what Apple may be having in store and how consumers may be taking it before making any moves.

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